Network monitoring and assessment

MSA's Assessment solutions help you mitigate risk inherent with technological connections inherent in any modern business, securing connections and managing patches and protection of the networks that form your communications backbone.


MSA has several affordable packages available from Light Monitoring and Reporting to multifaceted Patch and AV Management. In addition, we will conduct a complete onsite evaluation and assessment of your network, provide a network map identifying any problem areas, and offer a proposal for complete support or for only the help that is immediately needed.

Vulnerability Scanning

Why wait until a problem occurs? Your business could be looking at significant downtime until the issue can be resolved. Vulnerability Scanning is a proactive approach that analyzes potential threats and resolves any issues before they even arise. This is also ideal for customers with regulatory compliances. Our job is to help set your mind at ease and catch potential threats before they become a problem.

Managed Antivirus

Is your antivirus software truly protecting your computer from possible threats? MSA, Inc. offers Virus Protection and will be happy to assess your current level of protection. Not having proper virus protection can not only make your office experience downtime, but it can also put your client matter at risk. Protect your network, computers, and your business with Managed AV services.